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DASMIweb tutorial: The basics

Step 4: Additional interaction details

In the example below, we clicked on the IntAct interaction square in the RAD51A row. All available details are shown in the orange table row that appeared below the RAD51 row. Please note that the details are mostly provided by the interaction sources, therefore, depending on the detailedness of the source, not all interactions may contain them.

The details are structured as follows: First, all details for the interaction are shown, followed by details for all participating interactors. Interaction details that have been reported by the current source (in the example IntAct) can be found on top and are written in a normal font, all details that where reported by other sources are written in grey. You can see that IntAct reports the PubMed ID for the experiment, the name of the first author, the interaction type, and a link to the interaction record on the IntAct web site. In addition, you can inspect the original DAS response from the IntAct source. The details for the RAD51A interactor contain several database cross-references, additional names and synonyms, and information on the chromosomal position of the gene.


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